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ABC Bag/Snack

At each week we will introduce a letter of the alphabet.  The children will take turns taking the ABC bag home and bringing it back with three items that begin with the letter we are introducing that day. For example, the first week of school the letter Aa is introduced. Johnny gets the bag for Wednesday and he brings in an apple, airplane and an advocado to show us. We are not just learning the letter /A\ but also what /A\ sounds like in a word. On the day a child brings in the ABC bag, they will also provide snacks for the class.

We like to promote healthy snacks as much as possible. Below is a few examples of snacks acceptable to bring:

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Vegetables


Peanut Butter Crackers




Veggie chips/straws, and many more...

Cookies and cupcakes for the birthday and holiday celebrations.

Please inform classroom teacher about any food allergies!

Any questions about food items, please ask the teacher!

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