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Birthday Star Student

Each child will be chosen one day during the year to be the Star Student of the day.  This day will be scheduled around the time of your child’s birthday.  Parents will receive a questionnaire to complete prior to their child’s special day. June/July birthdays celebrated in May. August birthdays celebrated in September, usually at the beginning of our year.

Here is an example of the birthday questionnaire:

1. Student name__________

2. Birthday__________

3.How many people in family__________


5.Favorite food_________

6.Activities I like to do__________

7.Things I like to color/draw__________

8. Favorite movie/tv character__________

9. Favorite Book__________

(These answers will be put on a poster)

May bring in any items that are important/special like a toy or book or pictures or blanket to show off! Small pet animals may be brought in briefly, as long as there are no allergies to students.

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