Bible lessons are taught through the Bible curriculum from Abeka, a Christian publishing company. We cover the Bible chronologically, learning important lessons of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, trust, commitment, faithfulness, kindness, joy, leadership, and many more important values! From these lessons, we will also be learning Bible verses weekly. Bible songs are also a part of the curriculum. These lessons, verses and songs give us opportunity to spend time praising and worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, son of the living God, creator of all. God will be taught in all aspects of learning!

Other lessons through the week are taught based on a theme. For example, the first few weeks of school are based on making new friends and learning the classroom rules, getting to know each other and our routine. Activities may include songs, books, small group time/game, craft projects, writing and coloring worksheets. 

Preschool is the foundation of all other grade levels. We will be preparing the students to learn their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They will practice using pencils, crayons, markers, and scissors. They will be learning through play. They will use the toys to learn to manipulate(small motor skills), create, design, problem solve, build, plan, organize, sort, group, match, identify, and role play. Socialization is an important element in preschool. Students are encouraged to form relationships with each other and practice the values of friendship(sharing, kindness, love, forgivness, patience,etc.)

Large motor activities are important as well. We encourage all students to participant in games, music, drama and recess. It is important the students are active in body as well as in mind and spirit!

At the end of the students time with us, he/she will be well prepared to function and succeed for his/her next experience-Kindergarten!