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Send your child to school in play clothes. Some activities may be messy and your child should be able to enjoy playing without worrying about clothes becoming dirty.


Send your child in clothing appropriate for the temperature of the day. (Hats, coats, sweaters, mittens, boots, etc.) Please mark outdoor clothing(jacket, sweater, boots) with your child's name. We will venture outside even in cold weather.


Provide an extra set of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear and socks) in a plastic bag labeled with your child's name. These will be kept at school in case a change of clothing is needed.


Because of the running, jumping, climbing and playing games that we will do, tennis shoes and socks are a better choice to wear to avoid any unnessary accidents or injuries. PLEASE, NO sandals or crocs. FYI: our outside playground is surrounded by small pebbles and concrete.

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